Why Choose Charter Veterinary Surgeons?

We aren't the only vets in Congleton - so why choose us? Find out how we aim to be the best vet for you and your pet.

We understand that choosing a vets can be hard – your pet is a part of your family and you want the very best for them. At the end of the day as Vets, Nurses and Veterinary Support Staff we all love pets and want to provide them with excellent health care. So when all vets are promising the same, how do you pick the right vet for you?

At Congleton Surgery we believe it’s the little things that really can make a big difference. We aim to make every pet’s experience at the vets a pleasant one for all involved and it’s with this in mind that we have adopted our four key principles; Care, Expertise, Experience and Respect.


Our practices have been looking after pets for over 50 years and every year we care for thousands of pets. As pet owners ourselves, we understand that taking your pet to the vet can be a stressful time - so it is our duty to provide the very best care and look after your pet as if they were one of our own.


With 16 fully qualified Veterinary Surgeons and a host of fantastic nurses and support staff across the Charter practices, we believe that our collective knowledge and expertise allows us to provide your pet with the very best veterinary attention. As part of the Willows Vet Group, we also have access to the very best in referral facilities for complex cases.


The team at Congleton are led by the experienced Steve Harris, who guides an excellent team of clinicians that are box a mix of youth and experience. All our team members complete ongoing training to keep up to date with the latest advances in veterinary medicine.


We understand as pet owners ourselves, that you know your pet best. At Charter Veterinary Surgeons in Congleton, we always aim to respect our client's wishes and our patients' needs.

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